Weight Loss Surgery Houston Before and After

Weight Loss Surgery Houston Before and After


I was never one of those people who was not aware of my weight problem. for several years I tried to extremely hard to overcome my struggle with my weight on my own. After years of jumping from one diet to another and always gaining my weight back I knew that i had to pursue something different. In December of 2009 I started to look into the LAP-BAND surgery. After speaking to the Ladies at Dr. Thomas’s office I knew there was a strong possibility that this surgery could be a good choice for me. Then after speaking to Dr. Thomas himself I was 110 percent sure that this was the route that I wanted to take. Three months later I underwent surgery and it has been the best decision that i have ever made. My life has completely changed. Not only has my health gotten better, but I have also gained a whole new self-confidence. Although I am still working to reach my goal, I can already say that the LAP-BAND has been the best choice I have ever made. I am so thankful to all the wonderful people at Dr. Thomas’s office for making this decision surgery so successful!!!

– Charity Hutchings


I had my surgery July 16, 20009. I have lost right at 200 pounds.I did not have a life before this surgery. I can finally enjoy my life again. Clifton Thomas gave me my life back and i do not regret having the surgery. He has the best staff i have ever been around. I started at 410 pounds and i still have a few more pounds to lose. My goal weight is 200.

– Lucas Morgan


– Mattie Watson


As a teenager I never struggles with my weight. But after having my kids I just couldn’t seem to get the weight off and didn’t see myself getting bigger and bigger. No one around me I guess had the heart to tell me that I was getting very big & unhealthy. I tried all the quick weight loss diets around, but all they did was seem to do was make me jittery!
Well one family vacation in Orlando, my son and I were waiting in line for a ride. he looked at me and said “Mom, I’m not going to fall out, right?” Well he meant because the bar was going to stop at my stomach and never come close to him. So I suddenly felt sick and couldn’t get on that ride.

This was the last straw for me…As soon as I got back in town, I went straight to a seminar with Dr. Thomas. He gave so much information that I made up my mind right then and there what I needed to do. As quickly as I could, I had gastric Bypass! And my life has never been the same!!! Dr. Thomas gave me my life back! I can get on a ride now and ask my son if I’m gonna fall out. ha ha. I can do everything my kids do now and feel good doing it! And I am healthier than I have ever been in my life. I get asked on a regular basis “Would you do it again?” My answer is YES!!!  I am so thankful to Dr Thomas and his great staff! They have helped me through the surgery from beginning to today. His nurse, Erica is so great, I never feel like I’m in this alone!
Thank you so much,
Shelly Pierce

– Shelly Pierce

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