Weight Loss Surgery Houston

Weight Loss Surgery Houston

So what exactly is Weight Loss Surgery?

Weight loss surgery is a type of surgery that helps people who suffer from obesity reduce large amounts of weight. With many different options to choose from, the most common are: Lap Bands, Gastric Sleeves, Gastric Bypass, and Lap Band to Sleeve conversions. Patients usually see a 40%-60% reduction of weight after having these types of surgeries. Although the surgery can greatly reduce your ability to consume large amounts of food, patients who begin to eat healthier foods and exercise regularly see the best results.  While some of these procedures are permanent, such as the Gastric Sleeve, others can be converted into different options. Like converting a Lab Band into a Gastric Sleeve. This is where the surgeon will go in and remove the band around your stomach and perform a sleeve. Depending on which operation you are looking to have done, the prices can vary. Since we are located in Houston, we have added the article below for anyone looking to view prices.


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What Might It Cost Me?

Weight Loss Surgery Cost in Houston